Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Talk

And no, I'm not referring to the show but a conversation with my (almost) 6 year old that I have been dreading. And it started like this:

H: "Mommy, I miss Olivia"
Me: "I do too honey"
H: "Wait, how does Olivia have two moms?... She has TWO moms?"
Me: "Yes. Sit here next to me and we'll talk about it"

So I took a deep breath and proceeded to tell her that when I was young (like a teenager--not like a child) and not married to Daddy, I got pregnant. Olivia grew in my belly and b/c I didn't think I could take care of her, I found her a new mom and dad.

H: "So she has two mommies? Because you're still her mom?"
Me: "Well, she grew in my belly like you did and that's why you're sisters but she has a new mom"
H: "Oh, ok. So I have two sisters. . . Let's play some more tic tac toe."

Gotta love kids!

I maybe should've told her earlier but I was waiting for it to "click" and for her to ask me herself.

So she did. And we talked about it. And I'm SURE that more questions will come but at least the initial talk is thru.

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